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You’re busy.  Too busy to put the time into your communications that you would like, and consequently, you communicate less frequently and with less impact.  We get it and are here to help.


You need a partner to whom you can outsource your communications with the confidence that their work will be extraordinary.  Your communications are personal, and your partner needs to be skilled in capturing your personality, passion, and tone of voice so that they are truly your communications.


We offer a comprehensive suite of communications services designed to bring your vision, strategy, and guidance to life; improving your communications and impact at a fraction of the time and effort of doing it yourself.


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You have a vision. You have a strategy. Your organization, customers, and investors are looking to you for guidance. The trick is transforming your ideas and perspective into content that is easily consumed and acted upon by your audiences. Our consultants have decades of experience writing memos, articles, and papers, developing speeches, and producing videos that have shaped and moved companies, markets, and industries.

  • Speeches and presentations 

  • Bylined articles 

  • Corporate memos and letters

  • Board communications 

  • Investor communications 

  • Videos and graphics

  • Books

  • Media relations 

  • Social media 

  • Industry analyst relations 

  • Government affairs 

  • Community relations


Public relations has evolved significantly over the past decade as traditional siloes of authority and boundaries between audiences have dissolved. Kimber White Communications consultants offer decades of market-shaping, award-winning public relations experience and senior-level attention to your needs.



The question of organizations encountering a crisis is less about “if” than “when.” At some point, the odds are that you will find yourself suddenly facing a crisis, for which you are not prepared, that requires an immediate, well-considered response. Kimber White Communications consultants have developed crisis communications plans and calmly guided executives through crises that have represented existential threats to their organizations and careers.

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  • Employees 

  • Customers/Partners 

  • Investors 

  • Industry 

  • Media 

  • Government 

  • Community

Business Meeting
  • Communications training 

  • Media training 

  • Event preparation 

  • Ongoing coaching


For executives that wish to strengthen their own communications capabilities, Kimber White Communications offers a variety of educational options ranging from “Communications 101” to master-level coaching focused on honing specific skills. We also offer preparation services for events like media appearances and industry keynotes and panels.

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