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How we Can Help You

Every day, leaders are called upon to deliver inspiring vision, compelling strategy, and clear direction to their employees, customers, investors, and other audiences.  Each audience’s context and needs are unique, requiring targeted communications approaches and messages, but that customization can’t come at the expense of coherence and consistency across all audiences.  Above all, leaders must be authentic and speak to their audiences’ hearts and minds to elicit action.


Kimber White Communications provides the individualized executive communications consulting and support you need to maximize your impact within and beyond your organization.

“Communications form the connective tissue between companies and their employees, customers, investors, and larger markets and industry.


Gerald has helped ADI’s leaders strengthen and leverage those bonds and transformed our vision, strategies, and guidance into compelling narratives and communications that move people and organizations.”


- Ray Stata, Co-founder and Member of the Board of Directors, Analog Devices (ADI)

What we do


Business Team

Effective executive communications are aligned to larger business objectives, audience-centric, well-planned, and executed with both focus and agility.



Leaders rarely have the time to develop the memos, articles, speeches, and other communications they need for their organizations and industries.  We can help.


Kimber White Communications is a team of executive communications consultants, all of whom have at least 15 years of experience guiding organizations through times of disruption and transformation. Principal and President Gerald Kimber White has led corporate communications programs for numerous organizations - from start-ups to the Fortune 500 - for more than 20 years. Gerald and his team ensure that Kimber White Communications clients have the experienced counsel and comprehensive support they need to be effective communicators to and for their organizations. 

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